Steve,also know as "Stev" or "S",is D1 and K2's father.Altough his age is unknow his near a "grandfarthely" age.S is married to Marry.Together,they have 12 children.eleven boys and one girl.

Originaly S lived on an lived on an island now known as "Mimmit's island".There his last name was Wompotato.S's father Mimmit was the village doctor.S had many siblings.however,records don't indicate their names or how many there were.

during his younger days S was forced to leave the island.The period of S's life is shroued in mystery. Altough not much is known about him,S did meet and married Marry about this time.He soon moved to the UBK and changed his last name from Wompotato to Henson.The reason behind the name change is just another secret of S's past.

Now S live relatively quiet life in UBK.He and Marry are retired and enjoy vocations and trips.S also spends time at D1's house,altough the two don't get along well.

S has humongous family.The full list of S's 12 chlidren is below and has their full names





Andy (Dumbwit)

Thomas (Tom or Dimwit)







Steve is mentioned by David as he tells a story about his grandfather Mimmit.The tale involves the way Mimmit used staff of power the usurp the chief of his island.After hearing the story Mario,Luigi, and Bowser decidedthat meeting with Mimmit