K2 Ducklyn Henson is one of the main characters from the Mario Boy Adventures channel

K2 is quirky fellow.When it comes down to it,the assumptions and logic he uses when put in certain situations are boarder-line crazy.He is quick to jump to conclusions and quick to blame others.His personality can also be teasing.He oftens needles BK to see waht he will do.This usally ends with K2 getting beat up.

Although his many negative traits may paint him to be rotten person,he does have a few redeeming qualites as well.K2 is fairly decent father(That is when he does'nt forget his kids in a museum Bathroom,Heist PT 1,or leave them in town to take bus home,FNAF 3 plush).Also he is a good friend to David(D1).They have constant squabbles,but deep down David and Kelvin are best buds.

K2 is married to Midknight togther they have 5 children,4 boys and 1 girl.K2 two oldest Children are Barney and Chompy.