D1 Wilgbert Henson is the main protagonist and one of the main characters from the Mario Boy Adventures channel

D1 is rather full of himself.He is a "cool dude".He values looking cool and being respected very highly.Many times K2 will mess up with him by implying that he is not cool.D1 wears modern clothing and keeps on the cutting edge of technology when K2 says particuly dumb thing,D1 responds quickly with his favorite cach phrase,"Stupid!".He sometimes fights over his brother Kelvin(K2).he and K2 sometimes become disrespctful to other people and lazy but ends up getting scolded by his wife Chipper.

D1 is married to Chipper.Together they have 5 children,4 boys and 1 girl.D1's oldest children are Camely and Huggy.Camely is a deliquent,Known to hang out with gangs and thugs.He has a special connection to the McCone family.(as seen in SMA episode 4 "Mraio's mistake")

Huggy,D1's second son,is a better person .He is married and has his children.Huggy was able to avoid the deliquent path and steer his life in the right direction.

Thasha is next oldest child.She is D1's only daughter Currectly she attends college and is not home very often

D1's 2 last children are Max and Jimmy.Max is in high school while Jimmy is in elementary school.

D1's family now bears the last name Henson however, that is not his real last name.Originaly Steve,D1's father lived on a island know as "Mimmit's island".There his last name was Wompotato.Steve later was forced to change his last name to Henson when he and Marry imigrated to the UBK.D1 goes by the last name Henson because it is the one grew up with.

D1's wife Chippper has several siblings,one of wich lives with the Boys.Pinkrat is Chipper's sister and D1's sister in law.

D1 is a Male White skined Human.He is approximatly 10 inches tall.Altough his age is unknow,the age and material status of his children indicated he is middle-aged or people think that he is apparently very old.Will we ever find out his age?

NAME:D1 Henson FULL NAME;David 1 Wilgbert Henson